On this website you’ll find links to downloadable pdf documents containing the lyrics and chords (and sometimes TAB) for classic songs from my favourite musical genres. All of these songs sound great on acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Jez in Greenwich Village, New York.
Me playing at an open mic evening in Greenwich Village (New York City).

If you browse around you’ll see that there are lots of old American folk songs, 1950s rock ‘n’ roll songs, skiffle songs, and plenty of 1960s pop and folk songs. You’ll also find a few old country songs, some 1970s punk and new wave songs, and some just plain random stuff.

Whilst I really enjoy playing music with other people, I’ve always loved songs that stand up for themselves without the need for extra instruments or singers – one voice and once instrument is all you need to perform them. Collecting songs like these has been a hobby of mine that began around 40 years ago when I first started learning to play the ukulele and then the guitar. I’ve been performing many of these songs since the early 1980s, and for a time that was how I made my living.

Jez performing at a ukulele festival in Haworth, West Yorkshire (England)
Me performing at a ukulele festival in Haworth, England.

Over the years I’ve found that transcriptions of songs presented in ‘official’ songbooks and sheet music can be inaccurate, or that songs are arranged in keys that may be fine for the piano, but aren’t great for the guitar or uke. Also, since the advent of internet song databases and YouTube, some poorly transcribed versions of great songs have been spreading around the world. For these reasons, I always refer to original recordings, and transcribe lyrics and chords afresh for myself when producing song sheets. Sometimes this means finding film/video footage of artists performing the songs, listening very hard, and watching their fingers!

I’ve had many hours of fun playing these songs, and I hope you enjoy playing them too!

Best wishes,


Leeds, England